what to expect when you’re expecting (a new blog)…

Photo Sep 15, 11 51 43 AM (2) Photo Sep 15, 12 11 15 PM (1) fall fashion

Well here we are! Welcome! Aloha! Bienvenidos! Namaste!

I’m so glad you’re here.

This blog is something I’ve been dreaming up and planning for a while now. I’ve done some occasional blogging here and there pre-kids and I’m ready to try it again now that both of my littles are out of diapers. (Can I get a hallelujah??) I’m starting to feel the fog lift and I’m ready to (attempt to) do this well.

So what can you expect here?  A little bit of all the things…

Easy, laid back fashion, fun, musings on faith, love and parenting, lots of coffee, lots of hair, honest motherhood, honest womanhood, some home decor and empathy, all from someone relatable who doesn’t fake it well and wants to engage in an online community of other relatable women.



So here we go! Thank you for your patience as this gets going and your support along the way! Here’s to sharing what we love!


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